Skills Required: Admin Support, Web Research, Web Research, Data Entry

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Sample Job Description:

Looking for a detail-oriented worker to research and review the data for accuracy in a spreadsheet of approximately 7,000 CEO/company names with roughly 15 fields.

The main responsibility will be to:

1)  Confirm the CEO of the company list in the spreadsheet is correct and has not left the company. 

2)  Confirm the contact information (address, phone number, website URL, etc.) for company we have listed is correct.

3)  Ensure any changes to items #1 & #2 above are entered into the spreadsheet accordingly (or Sales force if knowledgeable).

4)  Ensure all data fields are in the proper format (i.e. capitalization, punctuation, university names)

The person will need to be comfortable with Excel and Internet research.  Sales force (intermediate) experience a plus.

Sample Cover Letter (Drag mouse from this point to bottom to Copy)

Hello sir

I must admit that this is very complicated job in terms of confirming data, but I have had even more complicated experience when a client asked to gather info about ALL previous companies where more than 20 000 employees worked before. I used LinkedIn, Facebook and other social networks to accomplish that task.

I would estimate your task on 7000 * 5-10min = 1100h (I am sure it will take much more time), my rate is $3/h = $3300. I can agree to do this job for $1650

#1 and #2 - are most complicated because it  requires research.
#3 and #4 - can be done ease, because I can write scripts to clean up all data

Let me know if you are interested in my offer

Thank you, Manahil

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