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I am looking for a VA who will work for a few hours gathering songs from the following bands, and downloading the songs into Google drive in a zipped file.

I would prefer each file to be 320kbps, but as long as it's fairly good quality in sound, then that is ok too.

I would expect this to take a day or so. Thanks.

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Let me do it for you, because I know tricks how to download, convert and save music in high quality from almost all web sites that allow you to listen to music, but do not allow downloading it.

I even know how to extract and save music in great quality from youtube videos.

For me there are no restrictions getting songs, if they are in the Internet.

I agree with your price conditions for this work.

I like music and have numerous songs, which may be interesting for you.

I would glad if I can help you.

Regards, Iosif

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