Skills Required: Admin Support, Web Research, Ms Excel

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Sample Job Description:

We have a database of approximately 1,560 records with incomplete information that we require to be filled in.

All records have first and last name and email. The missing details are company name, job title and phone number.

The database will be provided as a CSV or Excel file. (sample attached with green highlights required to be filled in).

Note: we can split the database up based on how many records the freelancer can handle at a time.

Sample Cover Letter (Drag mouse from this point to bottom to Copy)


It is Gemmy and this job is very interesting for me.

Please note that search results may not be accurate, because if a person cannot be identified by e-mail (most personal e-mails are hidden on web sites) then search results may return different jobs/companies for one person in the Internet.

Week ago I did similar job and I wrote small script which returns first 10 pages from Google, Yahoo and Bing which includes searched phrase. Then another small script extracts prev and next sentences for searched phrases. So, less than in 5 minutes I can have a clear picture about searched info.

Hope my experience help you, if you think so, please contact me.

It would be nice to accomplish this task.

Best regards, sir.

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