Skills Required: Web, Mobile & Software Dev, Game Development, Php, Game.

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Sample Job Description:

Looking for someone to help finishing up a project that me and a couple friends have started, the game is written in html, php and javascript and is a web browser based mmorpg game, You will with help from us create the remaining ideas and execute them, Create formulas and design. For more information regarding the game please check out

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Hello, nice work guys, congratulation!

I am game developer since 2010. I developed within a team such games like Mystic Saga and Pocamon Online.

I saw that you did much things, bug it still looks too rough for launch: from UI and performance standpoints.

I like such projects, because they require many skills and experience to run a great game.

I looked at you web site and made a list of points which should be improved before go live:
- user interface, it would be great to look at your UX mockups
- performance, you can utilize Canvas Engine library
- error processing
- make it more interactive, less clicks and buttons.
- add drag and drop functionality

What DB do you use? I would recommend MondoDB or CouchDB, but MySQL/ Postgre is good too.

I have good experience not only in coding, but designing databases for loading projects, making UX/UI mockups and scale app using shards

I am so excited to participate in this project, because I can share my great experience with your team.

But anyway, my usual rate is $55/hr which is definitely high for you, so you can hire me just for analyzing or leading this project - which takes less time, but helps your team to learn from me. I can spend 16h per week.

It was nice to see your offer, sir.

I wish good luck you and your project!!! 

Regards, William Smith

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