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Sample Job Description:

We are looking for a virtual assistant that would be responsible for helping our supplier team in contacting suppliers and updating their item information.  This is a key job in our company as all departments rely on this information to be up-to-date so your role will be needed.

That person will also have to help the Sales Manager in sending quotes when not working on updating the database. 

You will need to have an attention to detail, be a perfectionist, love helping people, be organized and be efficient.  You should be fluent in English and be able to speak well on the phone also.

Sample Cover Letter (Drag mouse from this point to bottom to Copy)

Dear employer

My name is Yosef

For the last 4 years I have been working on a factory with the same duties as you described:
- preparing RFQ and sending them to suppliers by e-mails
- reminding suppliers to reply on not answer RFQ yet
- update pricing and items based on RFQ. We use BusinessVision, Excel and Access
- generate quotes based on FRQ;
- create purchase orders to keep ordered items existing
- do forecast and order items in advance for most popular of them, so always can deliver products in time
- keep all data accurate and safety
- periodically backup all data and preparing reports to my manager

I sure that my experience can be beneficial for your company.

I made many improvements in the working process working in the previous company, which can be useful for your company too.

I am not a hopper, and like to work in one company as long as possible. I like to know all details about my jobs and do the best to establish good rapport with my colleges.

I am very carefully make a decision to choose a new company, so I will have some questions if you decide to hire me.

I am definitely OK to work in timezone which you prefer.

It would be pleasure for me to contact you, sir.

Best wishes.

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