Skills Required: Admin Support, Personal / Virtual Assistant, Virtual Assistant

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Sample Job Description:

Help manage my personal life, schedule appointments, find doctor, dentist, etc... book travel, make sure bills get paid, some shopping(online). Estimating 1-2 hours per week.

Sample Cover Letter (Drag mouse from this point to bottom to Copy)

Hello sir

My name is Angela and I would glad to help you.

I am from the Philippines. Let me please introduce my-self:
- I am naturally happy
- I have good characteristics and personality: patient, composed, generous, caring and supportive
- I am family oriented
- I am faithful and loyal
- I am smart and well educated

Last 2 years I have been doing the similar job for people who cannot care about your-self. All my clients are my best friends now. They always glad to see and talk with me by Skype or phone.

They can give recommendations if you wish.

I like to help people and it is pleasure for me.

Do not worry about timezone, I can adjust my time as you wish and do your entire requests in time.

Thank you for this opportunity, sir.

Best wishes, Angela.

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