Skills Required: Writing, Resumes & Cover Letters, Resume Writing,

Before writing a cover letter on Upwork or Elance please read "How To Write A Best Successful Cover Letter".

Sample Job Description:

Please re-write my resume and create a pdf and word version.

Sample Cover Letter (Drag mouse from this point to bottom to Copy)


If you want a really working resume then:
- it must be written by specialist in your field. I can write resume for all IT specialties from QA to Project Manager, because have had such experience;
- you need to provide details about your background
- you need to provide what is your new desired position
- we need to have a short call, so I can ask some important questions which increase interest to you like a specialist
- it is better to have your photo if you age is below 35

I do not write abstract CV, I always write concrete for concrete person.

My rate is very high because I do this job very professionally, but because I am new on Upwork then I can do this with no charge just for positive feedback.

I would glad to help you sir.

If we can discuss my questions today then tomorrow I will provide you ready CV.

Looking forward!

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