Skills Required: Writing, Technical Writing.

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Sample Job Description:

Write a detailed instruction manual on how to install our Solar Retrofit system on an existing Light pole

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Dear employer

I am working a tech writer more than 5 years in IT company. My duties are to learn our products and write accurate and easy to use user guides.

For these time I learn what information is important, how this information should be written, when pictures should be added, how add notes/directions on pictures to clarify the process, how to create contents, how logically write down the whole installation process, how help users quickly install what they want.

Some manuals are short because of the simplicity of product it-self, some - detailed and full of pictures, footnotes and indexes.

I know how to design the manual, I am not a designer, but I have great sense of style and my manuals/user guides always look professionally.

Let me know if you are going to produce a printing copy, in this case I need to know format, printing company requirements and prepare all pictures at least 300dpi.

I would like to estimate this job using fixed cost, so I need your answers on the questions above.

Feel free to contact me.

Have a great day!!!

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