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More than half of the world’s population are using internet for some purposes. But almost all users are using social community sites to interact with nears and dears and also for making new friends. Beside these, some are using social media for marketing purposes. Spam is the most common word that we often listen while doing online work. It is also the most annoying word for search engines and ultimately can harm your site or blog. Spamming occurs as a result of huge threats of internet, when spread themselves on your social media sites. Spam leaves negative impact of your site or social media groups. And your site starts losing its online reputation in various manners like page rank, traffic, page authority, alexa ranking etc.

Albeit Spam is an ongoing issue, but there are some ways available which can control spamming by applying them. Following are the 10 ways to protect you from social media marketing spam:
  1. Always read carefully all the points, every sentence and word before sending your social media updates. Don’t do anything in hurry.
  2. Always send or forward quality and valuable content or information to your followers, friends or any group. Read the whole content before sending it. It should give some useful information to their readers.
  3. Don’t include or add spammers to your group. When you see the profile of the “add request” in your adding request window and if you get a feeling like spammer then avoid them to add to your group.
  4. Social media sites are the big place for spamming and many spammers just waiting to get a chance to spam. So always do full research about the people or any content before clicking their links or adding their information.
  5. If you are genuinely in social media marketing campaign, it is essential to provide good content to your followers or group. The reason that if you send irrelevant or spam content then you can be blocked by your group members or followers and also this can result as their ignorance, that can be harmful for you.
  6. Don’t spread any wrong or useless information just to gain the attention of others as this might be dangerous for you.
  7. Wisely approve the content sent to you by the other members of the group. This group should not be proving as a spam by blindly approvals. So be careful.
  8. Try to look at good people to add in your group and avoid spammers and other business marketing persons to spread spam successfully.
It's an individual responsibility to take care of his blog/ site/ social media campaign and keep them away from spam and spammers. One can't absolutely get rid of spam but yes, can make some efforts to keep it away as maximum as possible.

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