Skills Required: Admin Support, Other - Admin Support, Html

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Sample Job Description:

Hello there.
We search for a responsible Agency / Freelancer they can Support our Food portal.
The Website is Live and always we need new Module and need Changes in the Code and in the Design.
We will hire the Freelancer or the agency Mouthy and we will pay Fix.
For Example we need now some Modules and some optimizations in Admin sections.

If we have no work in the Website then User have the task to make SEO/ SMO for the Website.

Sample Cover Letter (Drag mouse from this point to bottom to Copy)

Hello, my name is Bruno

According your requirements, you need a developer who can do some programming to add new features/fixes and change in HTML. I can guess that this is e-commerce portal.

I would glad to help you, but need to know what CMS or language do you use for your web site, or just give me URL so I can check it my-self.

I successfully support different e-commerce web sites on different languages.

I have been working with different clients:
- some were technical guru and just told me what exactly I should do,
- some were owners without tech background and am I very patiently listen to them and provided my ideas and solution in very clear form.

I always can find appropriate quick solution and can establish good rapport with people.

Please feel free to contact me if you decide to use my help for your project.

My rate is pretty low - $10/hr, because I am not a guru yet, but I am not a beginner. I constantly get appreciation from everyone I helped with projects/tasks.

Thank you, sir!

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