Describe a magazine that you often read.
You should say:
What is it?
What type of people read it?
Is it popular in your country?
And explain why it is important to you to read it?

Possible answer the above speaking cue card:

The magazine I often read is "Medical Technology". People who are medical laboratory technicians love to read this magazine. It's a monthly magazine. It is quite popular in Hong Kong. Almost every registered medical laboratory technician read this magazine regularly.

The magazine not only offers the basic knowledge in how to process human samples accurately, but also publishes the latest news regarding to new technologies. I have gained a lot of knowledge by reading this magazine. For example, I didn't know how to identify white cells under microscope. After reading the magazine in 2013, I found it was not a problem for me to identify different kinds of white cells during work. Also, the magazine helps me catch up with the new technology. In February, I read that people in the University of New Castle invented a new technology to do mitochondrial donation. All the information in the magazines is useful for my work. I can broaden my eyes, and improve my skills quickly.

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