IELTS Speaking Test Practice With Answers

PART 1 (Interview)

Time:4-5 minutes
Now, in this first part of the test I'm going to ask you some questions about ........ .

Q. Good Morning. Could you tell me your name and candidate number, please?
A. Good morning.  My name is Jincy Jibins and my candidate number is 310531.

Q. And what would you like me to call you?
A. Oh, you can call me by my first name which is Jincy.

Q. What is the meaning of your given name?
A. I am not quite 100% sure but I heard from my mother that the meaning of my name is Cute. So I would infer that the word “Jincy” means something beautiful!

Q. Does your name affect your personality?
A. I don’t believe that only a name can affect someone’s personality. My personality is quite a different arena and it has nothing to do with my name.

Q. Tell me something about your hometown.
A. My hometown is a well-known city, called Angamaly, which is situated in Kerala in the country of India. Moreover, it is more congested with high population and a large number of vehicles.

PART 2 (Cue Card)

Time:3-4 minutes
Now, I'm going to give you a topic and I'd like you to talk about it for 1-2 minutes.
Before you talk you'll have one minute to think about what you are going to say and you can make notes if you wish. Do you understand?

OK, here's some paper and a pencil to make notes, and here is your topic. I'd like you to describe ......... .

Describe about your holidays.
You should say:
Where you go for the holidays?
How long they last?
Who you go with?
And talk about any interesting thing happened during your holidays.

See the possible answer of this speaking cue card >> Cue Card

PART 3 (Discussion)

Time:4-5 minutes
We've been talking about ............. , and I'd now like to ask you some questions related to this.

Q. What do the people mostly do in their leisure time in your country?
A. We have a large country with a large population from different ethnicities and cultures. Their leisure activities thus vary to a great extent. Leisure activities among the city dwellers and villagers are not same also. But commonly people go outside for shopping, to meet friends, to watch movies in their leisure time. Many people walk in the morning and evening and also visit relatives and friends. Young generation mostly prefers to hang out with their friends and use the internet in their leisure time. There are some sports lovers as well who mostly play different outdoor sports in their leisure time.

Q. What's the difference between holidays today and 5 years ago and the reasons for the change?
A. Five years back, people were not much concerned about their holidays. Bu now, people give more importance for their holidays especially in planning stage. In addition, in the past people spent maximum one or two days for holidays. At present, one week is considered as a minimum span of time for holidays. The selection holiday destinations have also changed.

Q. Do you think people will spend more time on leisure or working in the future?
A. In terms of time, working hours would be far more than the time spent in leisure activities in the future. But people will be more conscious about the importance of having thoughtful and pleasant leisure activities.

Now Tell me....

Q. Do you like travelling?
A. Yes, I love travelling. Whenever the opportunity to travel to a new place comes in front of me, I grab it. On an average, I travel around 2-3 times in a year.

Q. How do you usually travel?
A. I have a job so I must first plan for the travel and I like to travel with my family members and friends. I use my car to travel to short distance but for long distance travels, I prefer either fast train or airplane.

Q. Where have you travelled to lately?
A. I went to visit the British Museum 2 months ago. It is in London. I went to London for a training session arranged by my office and during that time I went to visit the British museum with two of my colleagues.

Q. What kind of places do you like to visit?
A. I like to visit mountains, sea beaches, museums, historical places and any place with natural beauties. In fact. whenever I visit a new city, I prefer visiting these short of places there.

[Source: Written by - Jincy Jibins]

Thank you. That's the end of the IELTS Speaking Test.

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