You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.
You would like to buy some electrical goods at a shop in a nearby town.
Write a letter to the shop and ask if they have the things you want or whether they will be able to order them. Ask what the prices are and how long they will be able to hold the goods for you. In your letter:

Write at least 150 words.

You do NOT need to write any addresses.

Begin your letter as follows:

Dear ................. ,

Sample Answer 1 (216 Words, 9 Sentences, 8 Paragraphs, Band 9)

Dear Sir,

The undersigned has purchased a studio apartment in your town which is in the vicinity to your shop. I’d like to purchase certain electronic equipment for the house. It includes, apart from the ‘popup toaster’, a hand blender, a microwave oven, a big size mixie, a juicer, a dishwasher and a couple of fans along with a dozen tube lights.

In this context, I’d like you to appraise me regarding their ready availability (off the shelf) in your shop. In the case of an affirmative response, you may also provide a quote for all the above-mentioned items, at the earliest.

On the contrary, if the items are not ex-stock, would it be convenient for you to place an order for the entire lot. You must also mention as regards discounts, if any, provided by your shop in case of cash purchase.

Sir, as I have plans to drop down in a week following this weekend, which happens to arrive on the day after tomorrow, I’d also humbly request you to inform me the duration till the time you will be able to retain the electronic equipment, as required by the undersigned.

I hope you will be able to provide the electric equipment, as listed here above, at almost the same time of my arrival in your town.

With regards,
(Source: Written by Neeraj Mehra )

Sample Answer 2 (156 Words, 10 Sentences, 6 Paragraphs, Band 9)

Dear Sir,

I am writing to enquire if you have various electrical goods that I want to buy. I have tried shops in my own town but they don‛t have exactly what I want.

I want the new Sony DVD player, a Technics turntable and a radio with long wave capability. Do you have these items in stock or, if not, will you be able to order them soon? I also need to know what price you charge for these items. If you do have these things, would you be able to hold them for me and for how long? I am free this weekend and, if you have them, I can come over on Saturday morning to pay you and pick them up.

Please write back to me as soon as possible at the above address or call me on my mobile number xxxx- xxx -xxx . I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely,
Andrew Moore.
(NB: Follow the above band 9 writing structure for getting good band score in IELTS Exam. This Sample answer can be followed as an example of a very good answer. However, please note that this is just one example out of many possible approaches.)

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