Questions 31-33 
Complete the sentences below.

Write NO MORE THAN ONE WORD for each answer.

31. Psychologist Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic says, “If narcissism is fire, then Facebook is ”.
32. People have a desire to broadcast their lives to reinforce their self-concept, and self-centered needs.
33. According to the recent research, the more time you spend on the various social networks, the more you become.

Questions 34-36
Choose the correct letter, A, B, or C.

34. Social networks may cause depression because:
  1. People have to portray themselves in a positive way
  2. People spend too much time on social networks
  3. People compare themselves to others and feel miserable

35. What is the biggest problem of children and teenagers who spend too much time online?
  1. They don’t develop their social and intellectual skills
  2. They grow isolated
  3. They don’t spend enough time on education

36. If children spend their time looking at screens instead of looking out, what consequences it may cause?
  1. Their adaptation to the world is more technologically mediated
  2. They encounter difficulties in interacting with other people
  3. They experience deficit in social and emotional skills

Questions 37-40
Complete the sentences below.
Write NO MORE THAN ONE WORD for each answer.

37. Psychotherapist Gillian Isaacs Russell discovered that there are some distinct differences between working on the screen and working in the room.

38. Therapies like CBT are appropriate for online use because they are .

39. Psychotherapists have to pay attention to , non-verbal part of relationship, as it makes 60% of our communication.

40. There are some risks related to treatment at distance, because therapists can’t see the whole body and a lot of things that are going on.

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