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This is a vital section that's fairly often unnoted. it'll assist you to clarify your thoughts, as well as the strategies and methods you used throughout the matter finding method.

The learnings you gather from self-reflection can offer you with indispensable insights that may place your downside finding strategies in views — up the effectiveness and potency of your approach as you tackle similar challenges within the future.

Monitor Your Outcomes

As you progress on your journey towards implementing your resolution, listen to the outcomes that result from each thought you create and each call and action you're taking. This awareness can assist you to higher perceive your personal traits and tendencies, which is able to likewise assist you with up your downside finding strategies within the future.

Reflect on the matter finding method

Once you've got with success overcome your downside, pay your time thinking and reflective concerning the matter finding method.

Here area unit some inquiries to get you started:

What did I had best, and what am I pleased with concerning the method I conducted myself throughout this process?

What downside finding traits did I cultivate and produce to the forefront throughout this process?

What downside finding traits did I neglect?

What mistakes did I create as I worked my method through this problem?

What have I learned from these kind of experiences?
What might I even have done better… additional effectively and efficiently?

However am I able to use these learnings and experiences to more my downside finding talents within the future?

For a additional advanced examine this downside finding methodology, please inspect the Visual Thinking Path.

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