Question: 01
What information should never be emailed?

a.    Credit card numbers
b.    Social security numbers
c.    Phone numbers
d.    Anything you wouldn’t want shared with unknown parties, like social security numbers, credit card numbers, addresses, or personal information. *

Question: 02
Fill in the blank.The computer hard disk is a device that stores permanent memory in the computer and uses __________ storage technique?

a.    Virtual
b.    Optical
c.    Magnetic *
d.    Semiconductor

Question: 03
You are preparing a letter in Notepad and your computer reboots without saving your file. Can you recover what you had written?

a.    Yes
b.    No *

Question: 04
Which of the following hardware could you use for providing portable memory storage to share a few hundred MB of data with another computer that is not on your network?

a.    Charge-coupled device (CCD)
b.    USB flash drive *
c.    optical CD or DVD media *

Question: 05
What is the function of a modem?

a.    It allows the computer to connect to the server. *
b.    It allows the computer to connect to the Internet. *
c.    It allows a color display to function with a VGA display card.
d.    It helps attach a printing device to the computer.

Question: 06
Which of the following is/are computer programming languages?

a.    Linux
b.    Windows 2000
c.    Word 2000
d.    C++ *
e.    Excel

Question: 07
Where is the Calculator located in the Windows Program menu?

a.    Programs -> Accessories -> Entertainment -> Calculator
b.    Programs -> Accessories -> Accessibility -> Calculator
c.    Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Calculator
d.    Programs -> Accessories -> Calculator *

Question: 08
A collection of software applications that contains word-processing, spreadsheet, and presentation applications, among others, is often described as a(n):

a.    Content database suite
b.    Office suite *
c.    Programming suite
d.    Shareware suite

Question: 09
In order to improve the performance and dependability of your computer system, you should:

a.    Install the maximum amount of RAM memory that you can afford.
b.    Defragment the hard drive(s) on regular, relatively frequent time intervals.
c.    Install software only from sources that you trust.
d.    All of the above *

Question: 10
If you are using Windows, which three keys should you press to logoff the computer?

a.    Ctrl, Alt, Del *
b.    Caps Lock, Alt, Del
c.    Tab, Alt, Del
d.    Shift, Alt, Del

Question: 11
The programming language that allows a viewer of a Web page to take advantage of embedded special effects and functions is:

a.    JavaScript *
b.    C++
c.    Java
d.    HTML

Question: 12
The process of extracting audio files from a CD and copying and storing them on a hard drive is called burning. (True or False)?

a.    True
b.    False *

Question: 13
What of the following is essential for connecting two computers in a local area network (LAN)?

a.    Modem
b.    Ethernet cards or USB ports *
c.    VGA card
d.    Internet connection

Question: 14
If you don’t want to type your name at the end of every email you send, what can you do instead?

a.    Don’t sign at all. People know who the email is from, thanks to your return email address.
b.    Only sign email to business associates, but you can exclude this step with friends and family.
c.    Create a signature that would be attached to every email you send. *
d.    Include ‘from’ information in the subject line so you can save the time of ‘signing’ the email.

Question: 15
The communications protocol typically used for uploading files onto a Web site’s server is:

a.    RPC
b.    HTTP
c.    FTP *
d.    IRC

Question: 16
Which of the following hierarchical structures does Windows Explorer display?

a.    Files
b.    Folders
c.    Drives
d.    All of the above *

Question: 17
What is the maximum data-transfer rate through a USB 2.0 port?

a.    12 Mbps
b.    48 Mbps
c.    480 Mbps *
d.    1 Gbps

Question: 18
Which of the following is/are extensions of graphics files?

a.    .BMP *
b.    .TXT
c.    .DOC
d.    .GIF *
e.    .TMP

Question: 19
Which key can be pressed to refresh a Web page?

a.    F1 Key
b.    F2 key
c.    F3 key
d.    F5 key

Question: 20
Can you use a % sign while naming a file in Windows?

a.    Yes *
b.    No

Question: 21
A dedicated computer that delivers information to other computers called clients, that are connected through a network is typically referred to as being a ___________?

a.    Hub
b.    Driver
c.    Multiprocessor
d.    Server *

Question: 22
An email has its sender’s address altered in an attempt to deceive you. This common fraudulent practice is called:

a.    Phishing
b.    Spooking
c.    Spamming *
d.    Spoofing

Question: 23
In Windows, can a file name consist of only numbers?

a.    Yes *
b.    No

Question: 24
Fill in the blank.The instructions written in a high-level language are converted into machine instructions by the __________?

a.    Router
b.    Compiler *
c.    Parser
d.    Operating system

Question: 25
Networking two nearby computers with a USB 2.0 bridged cable has data-transfer rates slower than networking the computers using 100 Mbps Ethernet networking. (True or False)?

a.    True
b.    False *

Question: 26
What does the term CAD stand for?

a.    Cache-aided directive
b.    Computer-aided direction
c.    Computer-aided drive
d.    Computer-aided design *

Question: 27
You just received an email with an attachment from a source that you do not know or trust. What would be prudent?

a.    Open the attachment and thoroughly check it out to see what it contains.
b.    Never open dubious attachments as a firm rule. Delete the email.
c.    Don’t worry about it. Attachments can never harm a computer.
d.    If you would care to, ask the source to explain what the email is about and what the attachment is. But still it’s best not to ever open any attachments if you have even the slightest of any doubt. *

Question: 28
What type of software would you use to represent financial data in a tabular format?

a.    DBMS
b.    DTP (desktop publishing) software
c.    Spreadsheet software *
d.    Windows Explorer
e.    Notepad

Question: 29
The programming language used in creating an applet, which could be included on a Web page is:

a.    HTML
b.    JavaScript
c.    Java *
d.    C++

Question: 30
Which of the following is true regarding deleted files in Windows?

a.    Once the files have been deleted, there is no opportunity available for recovering them.
b.    The last 100 files that have been deleted can be recovered.
c.    The deleted files are sent to a Recycle Bin. *
d.    Deleted files can be recovered as long as the computer has not been switched off.

Question: 31
A software (PC) firewall can block both incoming and outgoing threats at the PC level, but a hardware firewall can not block outgoing threats. (True or False)?

a.    True
b.    False *

Question: 32
Could a USB 2.0 hub be connected to a USB 1.1 port? (Yes or No)?

a.    Yes *
b.    No

Question: 33
If you have a very large attachment to send, how should you handle it?

a.    Just attach it and send it.
b.    Email your other party directly first and make sure their connection can handle a large download.
c.    Try and break it up into several smaller downloads, if possible. *
d.    Compress or “zip” the file first. *

Question: 34
The classification of software where a user can try out or evaluate the product for free for a trial period after which the user is expected to eventually purchase it is termed as:

a.    Freeware
b.    Open source
c.    Proprietary
d.    Shareware *

Question: 35
How do you copy text matter in Notepad to the computer buffer?

a.    Press Ctrl and V
b.    Press Ctrl and C *
c.    Press Ctrl and K
d.    Press Ctrl and F

Question: 36
Which of the following programming languages is used to create just one bytecoded application that can be ported to almost any machine that has preinstalled the necessary interpreter?

a.    C++  *
b.    HTML
c.    JavaScript
d.    Java

Question: 37
The type of software whose programming code is able to be modified by a user or any group is termed to be:

a.    Open source  *
b.    Shareware
c.    Freeware
d.    Proprietary

Question: 38
What is the full form of ASCII?

a.    All standard code for information interchange
b.    American secure code for information interchange
c.    American standard code for information interlinking
d.    American standard code for information interchange *

Question: 39
Your Internet connectivity suddenly dies and stays that way afterwards. Which one of the following would usually restore its functioning back to normal and should be tried first before any of the other remedies?

a.    Do a soft, power-on reboot of your computer.
b.    Turn off the electrical power to every device, wait a few seconds, and then turn the power back on and reboot.
c.    Report the lack of Internet connectivity to your ISP. *
d.    Reinstall the operating system.

Question: 40
If you are looking for information about a certain subject on the Internet, what is the quickest way to get started?

a.    Bulletin boards
b.    Search engines  *
c.    Affiliate networks
d.    Portal websites

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