Getting started on Elance:

Q .  As a provider, what is the benefit of maintaining paid plan?

1.Providers with paid accounts receive more Connects initially, and the ability to purchase additional Connects and service categories, allowing them to submit more proposals.
2.Providers with paid accounts are eligible for the Premier Provider Program, Elance chat, and Elance call.
3.Providers with paid accounts at the Small Business or Large Business level have the ability to create teams.
4.Providers with paid accounts can add more keywords and skills test results to their profile.
All of the above
Correct Answer: 5

Q.  Elance offers both skills tests and code tests to help providers standout. Through these assessments, providers are able to display their passing scores for the potential employers to review. What are some guidelines to keep in mind related to skills and code tests?

1.If you score higher than 30% of all test takers, you will receive a special indicator next to your score.
2.All tests are timed.
3.60% is considered a passing score on the skills and code tests.
4.You must wait 7 days to re-test the same skill.
5.All of these are true except d.
Correct Answer: 5

Q. Why is it important for providers to build an effective profile?
1.It provides employers with information about your knowledge and skills.
2.It allows providers to promote their marketing messages.
3.It gives the provider an opportunity to showcase samples of their work.
4.All of above.
Correct Answer: 4

Topic: Finding Job Opportunities

Q.  What tools does Elance provide to enable you to track the time spent weekly on a job and updating an employer on the status of a job?
1.Status Reports
4.Customer Support Contact Information
5.All of these except d
Correct Answer: 5

Q. Which of the following statements is NOT true about the Workroom messages?

1.Public messages are different than Workroom messages.
2.It is acceptable to market your services in Workroom messages but not in Public messages.
3.Providers may only use the Workroom messages after submitting a Prebid or a proposal.
4.Workroom messages are viewable by anyone.
Correct Answer: 4

Q. In order for your provider account to become active on Elance, which step is NOT required?

1.Create your profile
2.Pass the Elance Admission Test
Enter a credit card
Verify your phone number
Correct Answer: 3

Topic: Managing Your Work

Q. Which of these provider actions would be considered a violation?
1.Offering to accept payment outside of the Elance system.
2.Offering to complete a job for an amount below the stated Elance minimums.
3.Posting a work sample in the provider portfolio of which the provider does not have legal rights or ownership.
4.Placing contact details (e.g. a non-Elance website URL, e-mail address, etc.) outside of the designated area on the provider profile.
5.All of these are violations.
Correct Answer: 5

Q. If a conflict arises between an employer and a provider, which of the following steps is NOT part of the Elance dispute process?
1.Member resolution: Members first attempt to resolve the dispute on their own.
2.Elance Dispute Assistance: Elance holds a conference call to facilitate a mutually-agreeable resolution between the employer and provider.
Arbitration: A binding judgment is made by the 3rd party arbitration service offered through Elance.
Elance management makes the decision about whether the employer or the provider is right.
Correct Answer: 4

Topic: Getting Paid

Q. How does Elance Escrow protect providers?
1.Elance Escrow only protects the employer.
2.It shows that the client has set aside the funds to pay for the provider’s work.
It enables providers to defer income without paying taxes.
It eliminates the Elance service fee.
Correct Answer: 2

Q. How can providers view a list of all payment activity?

1.In the “Search” option under the “Find Work” tab.
2.On the Skills Central page.
3.In the Get Paid < Account Activity menu.
4.All of these will let providers view their payments.
Correct Answer: 3

Topic: Advanced Tips for Elance Success

Q. Which of the following are Elance features that are designed to provide resources and information to employers and providers?

1.Elance University
2.The Water Cooler
3.The Elance Blog
4.All of these.
Correct Answer: 4

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