Question: 01
How do I receive guaranteed payment for the work I perform?

a.    Use Tracker with Work View enabled to record all time worked for clients on hourly jobs.
b.    Use Escrow to ensure funds are available before beginning work and submit weekly Status Reports to document work progress on fixed price jobs.
c.    Both a and b *
d.    None of the above

Question: 02
Which of these contractor actions would be considered a violation?

a.    Offering to accept payment outside of the Elance system.
b.    Offering to complete a job for an amount below the stated Elance minimums.
c.    Placing contact details (e.g. a non-Elance website URL, e-mail address, etc.) outside of the designated area on your profile.
d.    Posting a work sample in the contractor portfolio of which the provider does not have legal rights or ownership.
e.    All of the above *

Question: 03
Where can I find more information about how to succeed on Elance?

a.    Elance University
b.    The Water Cooler
c.    Elance Help Pages
d.    Elance Contractor Guide
e.    All of these. *

Question: 04
Which of the following type of work is not supported on Elance?

a.    Fixed Price: Work that has a clearly defined deliverable to be met with a specific budget.
b.    Hourly: Work that is based on a skill or is an ongoing job where requirements , deadlines or timing may not be clearly defined.
c.    Commission: Work where payment is based on “share of profits”
d.    Free: Work that is free in order to secure future work.
e.    Both c and d *

Question: 05
Why can feedback not be changed or removed once it has been left by a client or provider?

a.    Allowing clients or contractors to change feedback can lead to disruptive manipulation by either party.
b.    The integrity of the feedback system would be diminished if negative reviews could be removed.
c.    Both a and b *

Question: 06
What protection does Elance offer me when working online?

a.    On fixed-price jobs, a milestone that has escrow funded means I can begin working knowing that funds have been committed by my client and are securely held by Elance until I deliver the work
b.    On hourly jobs, Tracker with Work View allows me to automatically document the time I spend working for a client and will guarantee that I receive payment for time spent working.
c.    If an issue arises with a client, Elance has a well-defined dispute assistance process to help resolve the issue quickly and fairly.
d.    All of the above *

Question: 07
Which of the following are ways to find work on Elance?

a.    By searching the Elance site for relevant jobs you specialize in.
b.    Setting up customizable email notifications about potential jobs.
c.    By signing up for Elance RSS feeds for the latest jobs.
d.    All of these are ways to locate jobs. *

Question: 08
Which of the following are not allowed on Elance?

a.    Asking contractors to submit unpaid, custom samples of work to be considered for hire.
b.    Payment that is based solely on commission or equity compensation.
c.    Jobs that contain adult-related content.
d.    All of the above *

Question: 09
I am required to receive all payments from clients identified on Elance for a minimum of 2 years?

a.    True *
b.    False

Question: 10
What is true about Terms & Milestones?

a.    Milestones are used to outline a delivery schedule and designate corresponding payments for delivered work.
b.    Milestones should be changed as the scope or schedule of the job changes.
c.    Milestones do not need both parties approval to be modified.
d.    Both a and b *

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