Question: 01
How does a Sales Promotion Campaign impact a customer's desire to buy?

    a.     It appeals to their desire for a deal and increases the speed at which they buy
    b.     It creates the apprehension the product will cost more later
    c.     It does not have any impact
    d.     It is just another form of advertising and has no impact on buying

Question: 02
Which of the following is an example of Placement?

    a.     A new ad campaign
    b.     Allocating $10,000 to marketing
    c.     The point of sale
    d.     Increasing the marketing staff

Question: 03
How does Information from the SIVA model apply to customers?

    a.     Does the customer know of the company's product and is it enough to influence a decision to buy
    b.     Does the price reflect the value
    c.     Determined how much will be spent on customer acquisition
    d.     Determines the product mix available to the customer

Question: 04
What is the purpose of marketing?

    a.     To gain customer trust in a company
    b.     To create and deliver value to customers
    c.     To learn more about the customer and what their needs are
    d.     All of the above

Question: 05
How does Product Focus Marketing differ from Customer Focus Marketing?

    a.     PFM will always cost more to perform
    b.     PFM does not usually result in as many sales
    c.     PFM relies on changing pricing to gauge demand
    d.     PFM looks to create a market whereas CFM responds to the existing market

Question: 06
Which of the following options would a company heavily involved in Research & Development most likely follow?

    a.     Product Focus Marketing
    b.     Customer Focus Marketing
    c.     Advertising
    d.     Direct Sales

Question: 07
What are the four new Ps?

    a.     Pricing, Promotion, Placement, Product
    b.     Product, Peer-to-Peer, Potential Clients, Pricing
    c.     Promotion, Personalization, Participation, Product
    d.     Personalization, Participation, Peer-to-Peer, Predictive Modeling

Question: 08
What is meant by Product Focus Marketing?

    a.     Focusing on the customers and their wants
    b.     Focusing on selling the previous year's products
    c.     Trying to develop a market for a product
    d.     Diversifying the product mix

Question: 09
What does Predictive Modeling accomplish in the marketing mix?

    a.     It is subjective and allows for creativity in marketing
    b.     It replaces market research
    c.     It uses algorithms to solve marketing problems
    d.     It leaves marketing to the discretion of the management

Question: 10
What would a company hope a potential customer would do after seeing an advertisement for a new product?

    a.     Perform some action related to purchasing the product
    b.     Remember to tell their friends
    c.     Sell their current solution and buy the new one
    d.     Do nothing

Question: 11
What is meant by "branding"?

    a.     Creating a certain image for a product
    b.     Physically marking each product with the company logo
    c.     Determining the customers' needs
    d.     Setting the price for a product

Question: 12
How does Personal Selling differ from Advertising?

    a.     It is more progressive than advertising
    b.     It allows for a direct, tailored message to be given to the potential client
    c.     It is cheaper
    d.     There is no real difference

Question: 13
What are some of the steps in an advertising campaign?

    a.     Designing, Budgeting, Determining the point of sale
    b.     Assembly, Painting, Distribution
    c.     Market research, Budgeting, Choice of the media, Designing, Testing results
    d.     Financing, Operations, Accounting, Marketing

Question: 14
What is meant by Peer-to-Peer in the marketing sense?

    a.     Allowing a customer to interact with other customer via forums and communities
    b.     Selling directly to customers door to door
    c.     Creating blanket ads for the television
    d.     Offering coupons

Question: 15
Which of the following would Pricing include beyond the price for the product?

    a.     How the client receives the product
    b.     Shipping options if purchased online
    c.     Discounts available to the client
    d.     Colors the product is available in

Question: 16
How is Advertising different from Personal Sales?

    a.     It costs more
    b.     It is much more effective
    c.     They are pretty much the same
    d.     It is considered pervasive and impersonal

Question: 17
What does SIVA essentially accomplish?

    a.     It takes the four Ps of marketing and reorients them to focus more on the customer
    b.     It regulates the world of marketing
    c.     It is a throwback to the marketing techniques of old days
    d.     It helps sales people sell more

Question: 18
What is meant by Personal Selling?

    a.     Creating advertisements for the television
    b.     A salesman approaching potential customers
    c.     Creating banner ads for online sites
    d.     Emailing customers coupons

Question: 19
What is another term for "Placement"?

    a.     Accounting
    b.     Publicity
    c.     Distribution
    d.     Branding

Question: 20
How would Advertising be categorized?

    a.     Directly targeting specific crowds
    b.     An ineffective method of marketing
    c.     The same as mail marketing
    d.     Aiming at mass markets

Question: 21
What supplementary areas of study play into marketing?

    a.     Accounting and Finance
    b.     Psychology and Sociology
    c.     Geography
    d.     Computer Science

Question: 22
Which of the following does Pricing involve?

    a.     Determining how to get the product to the customer
    b.     Setting a price which will create the maximum demand for the product
    c.     Setting a bill of materials for the product
    d.     Determining the end users preferred purchase place

Question: 23
How does a successful advertisement help the sales team?

    a.     It eliminates their jobs
    b.     It reduces their burden as the customers are already inclined to purchase
    c.     It shows the customers the sales team is effective
    d.     It reduces the amount of paper work they have to do

Question: 24
What is accomplished by successfully using communication in marketing?

    a.     It helps create the company image
    b.     It turns strangers into customers
    c.     It uses the marketing budget effectively
    d.     It turns away customers the company does not want

Question: 25
What method/s is/are used to determine customers' needs?

    a.     Examining sales history
    b.     Speculation based on prior market research of other products
    c.     Looking to competitors
    d.     Market research

Question: 26
What is meant by Customer Focus Marketing?

    a.     Selling only to past customers
    b.     Creating email campaigns for past customers
    c.     Focusing on customers and their relatives
    d.     Listening to the customers and tailoring the products and services to their demand

Question: 27
What is meant by the 'People' aspect of Extended Marketing?

    a.     The actual customers
    b.     The people who design the product being sold
    c.     The manufacturing staff who physically touch the product
    d.     The people who come in contact with the customer, having an impact on overall satisfaction

Question: 28
Which of the following are the aspects of the Extended Marketing Mix?

    a.     Product, Placement, Pricing, Procurement
    b.     People, Performance, Pricing, Process
    c.     Process, Pricing, Placement, Procurement
    d.     People, Process, Physical Evidence

Question: 29
What is covered by Participation?

    a.     Customer surveys
    b.     Progressively marketing new products to untested markets
    c.     Allowing the customers to be actively involved in shaping a company and its image
    d.     Selling to new markets

Question: 30
Which of the following would the scope of Product include?

    a.     How the product is delivered to a customer
    b.     The packaging of the product
    c.     Warranties and support services
    d.     The bill of materials for the product

Question: 31
Which of the following would be considered the result of Product Focus Marketing?

    a.     Nintendo Wii video game system
    b.     Dell laptop
    c.     Campbell's Soup
    d.     Candle Manufacturing

Question: 32
Which of the following companies would be considered a trail blazer in Personalization?

    a.     Procter & Gamble
    b.     Ford Auto Corporation
    c.     Dell Computers
    d.     Canon Cameras

Question: 33
Which of the following is involved in the Publicity aspect of Promotion?

    a.     Determining what product mix to offer to the customers
    b.     Creating advertisements for different markets
    c.     Managing the public perception of the product
    d.     Setting sales goals for each product line

Question: 34
Which of the following is a demerit of Product Focus Marketing?

    a.     It costs too much
    b.     It relies on past successes
    c.     It is taxed at a higher rate
    d.     A company takes a big risk in creating products that the market may not adapt to

Question: 35
What does Peer-to-Peer look to change in the traditional marketing model?

    a.     It gives the company the ability to charge more for their products
    b.     It allows for more design options in a product
    c.     It allows access to broader markets
    d.     It takes the interruptive nature of marketing away, e.g. imposing a brand on the customers

Question: 36
What is another term for Peer-to-Peer?

    a.     Social Computing
    b.     Internet Marketing
    c.     Blanket Advertising
    d.     Selling

Question: 37
Which of the following does 'Access' in the SIVA model apply to customers?

    a.     How the company gains access to the materials used in manufacturing
    b.     How the customers access the company's website
    c.     How the customers can get the solution and how they take delivery
    d.     How the customers can order

Question: 38
Which of the following would be part of successful advertising?

    a.     Attracting attention
    b.     Cost effectiveness
    c.     Using lots of colors
    d.     Prime Time TV placements

Question: 39
What is meant by SIVA?

    a.     The governing body over Marketing
    b.     Solution, Information, Value, Access
    c.     Sales, Information, Vehicle, Attributes
    d.     Sales, Information, Value, Access

Question: 40
Which of the following does Placement involve?

    a.     How the company is perceived in the market
    b.     How the product gets to the customer
    c.     How the marketing budget is allocated
    d.     How the company logo is placed on the packaging

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