Question: 01
What is the role of an HTML OBJECT tag with respect to Skype?

    a.     It is used to add videos to a web page.
    b.     It is used to add Skype4COM controls to a web page.
    c.     It is used to add CSS style sheet to a web page.
    d.     None of the above

Question: 02
Which of the following properties of the IPluginMenuItem Interface contains the name of a plug-in menu item?

    a.     Id
    b.     Caption
    c.     Hint
    d.     Enabled

Question: 03
What happens if the following API call is processed?



Question: 04
Which of the following types of parameter is not valid for GET CONNSTATUS API call?

    a.     OFFLINE
    b.     AWAY
    c.     CONNECTING
    d.     PAUSING
    e.     ONLINE

Question: 05
Which of the following are mandatory fields of the Skype search listing API?

    a.     limit
    b.     order-by
    c.     lang-set
    d.     offset

Question: 06
What is the maximum value for the limit field in the Skype search listing API?

    a.     100
    b.     500
    c.     1000
    d.     There is no limit.

Question: 07
By default, for how many seconds does a forwarded call ring before timing out?

    a.     10
    b.     15
    c.     20
    d.     25

Question: 08
Which parameter is returned by the VIDEO_SEND_STATUS API call if the video is sending but is not yet running at full speed?

    a.     STARTING
    b.     AVAILABLE
    c.     RUNNING
    d.     PAUSED

Question: 09
What is the default sort order for the order-by field of the Skype search listing API?

    a.     relevance
    b.     highest-rated
    c.     a-z
    d.     None of the above

Question: 10
What causes the API call given below to return ERROR 563?


    a.     Invalid target
    b.     Invalid group id
    c.     Invalid group object
    d.     Invalid group property given

Question: 11
What is the error if the Skype API throws error code 2?

    a.     General syntax error
    b.     Unknown command
    c.     Empty target not allowed
    d.     Invalid user handle

Question: 12
What would the following statement be used for?

Set oHandle = oCall.PartnerHandle

    a.     To retrieve the name of a remote caller.
    b.     To retrieve the Skypename of a remote caller.
    c.     To retrieve the call object with a specified ID.
    d.     None of the above

Question: 13
Which of the following are input parameters of the PlaceCall public member function of the ISkype Interface?

    a.     Target
    b.     Target2
    c.     pMessage
    d.     pCall

Question: 14
In which of the following Internet Explorer security zones does a prompt appear for the Account API for Skype4COM?

    a.     Local Machine
    b.     Local Intranet
    c.     Trusted
    d.     Internet
    e.     Restricted

Question: 15
What function does the following command perform?

\fn HRESULT ISkype::ApiSecurityContextEnabled([in] TApiSecurityContext Context, [out, retval] VARIANT_BOOL* pVal)

    a.     This command queries if an API security context is enabled.
    b.     This command queries if Account Services are enabled for a web page.
    c.     This command enables voice and messaging services for a page.
    d.     None of the above

Question: 16
What happens when a call is forwarded to multiple numbers by a CALL_FORWARD_RULES API call?

    a.     The first to pick up the call takes it.
    b.     All the numbers who pick up the call take it.
    c.     All the numbers take the call one by one.
    d.     Calls cannot be forwarded to multiple numbers.

Question: 17
What type of target parameter type is used by the Skype "CALL" API if you initiate a call using a phone number?

    a.     USERNAME
    b.     PSTN
    c.     SPEED DIAL CODE
    d.     None of the above

Question: 18
What will a PING API call return if the connection between your application and Skype is still alive?

    a.     PING TRUE
    b.     PONG
    c.     PING
    d.     TRUE

Question: 19
Which of the following TApiSecurityContext parameters relates to the user profile and Skype-related commands and events?

    a.     TApiSecurityContext::apiContextUnknown
    b.     TApiSecurityContext::apiContextVoice
    c.     TApiSecurityContext::apiContextMessaging
    d.     TApiSecurityContext::apiContextAccount
    e.     TApiSecurityContext::apiContextContact

Question: 20
What is the reason when the FAILUREREASON property of the FILETRANSFER object has a value of FAILED_WRITE?

    a.     Write error on local machine
    b.     Write error on remote local machine
    c.     Write error on local as well as remote machine
    d.     None of the above

Question: 21
What happens if the language suffix specified by you in an HTTP request is NOT supported by SkypeWeb?

    a.     There is no response.
    b.     The server response will use the default language.
    c.     The server responds with Unknown message.
    d.     An error message is returned.

Question: 22
Is it possible to join the chat again after being kicked from a Skype chat?

    a.     Yes
    b.     No

Question: 23
Which of the following parameters of the _ICallChannelManagerEvents Interface contains the interface pointer for the CallChannelCollection object?

    a.     pManager
    b.     pChannels
    c.     pMessage
    d.     None of the above

Question: 24
You are going to set a chat message using an API call as follows:


You receive the error:
ERROR 18 SET: invalid WHAT

What can the possible cause for the error be?

    a.     The CHATMESSAGE command is missing or misspelled.
    b.     Unknown chat message ID.
    c.     Chat message ID is misspelled or contains non-permitted symbols (numeric symbols are permitted).
    d.     Invalid status given to chat message, for example the message is already marked as seen.

Question: 25
Which of the following are NOT parameters of  the LoadAvatarFromFile public member function of the ISettings Interface?

    a.     Filename
    b.     AvatarId
    c.     newVal
    d.     Id

Question: 26
Suppose you are using Skype in Windows. You get an error message that your webcam is in use by another application, even though it is not in use anymore. What is the solution to the problem?

    a.     Redial the call.
    b.     Ignore the message.
    c.     Upgrade the receiver's Skype to the latest version.
    d.     There is no solution available yet.

Question: 27
Which of the following types of APIs are allowed in Internet Explorer Local Intranet security zone for Skype4COM?

    a.     Voice API
    b.     Messaging API
    c.     Account API
    d.     Contact API

Question: 28
Is the Skype username case sensitive?

    a.     Yes
    b.     No

Question: 29
What happens when the following API call is executed and the folder parameter is left blank?

OPEN FILETRANSFER <username>[, <username>]*[ IN <folder>]

    a.     There will be an error.
    b.     The file transfer window opens in the default directory.
    c.     A prompt appears on the user's screen to specify the path for the folder.
    d.     None of the above

Question: 30
What happens if you type the following command in a textbox in a chat session:

/alertson yourname

    a.     You get an alert whenever someone mentions yourname.
    b.     You get an alert whenever someone leaves the chat.
    c.     All the alerts are turned off.
    d.     You get an alert only when someone enters the chat.

Question: 31
What is the possible status if the BUDDYSTATUS property of a USER object has a value of 3?

    a.     Never been in contact list
    b.     Deleted from contact list
    c.     Pending authorization
    d.     Added to contact list

Question: 32
If you do NOT want Skype to display a splash screen on start-up, what should the value of the Nosplash parameter of the Client class in the IClient Interface be?

    a.     True
    b.     False
    c.     1
    d.     0

Question: 33
Which of the following types of chat member roles CANNOT post chat messages in the chat?

    a.     CREATOR
    b.     MASTER
    c.     LISTENER
    d.     APPLICANT
    e.     HELPER
    f.     USER

Question: 34
What status code is returned in response to a DNS request if the user has been away?

    a.     0
    b.     2
    c.     3
    d.     6

Question: 35
What is the maximum character length of a caption in a custom menu item in Skype?

    a.     16
    b.     32
    c.     48
    d.     64

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