What is the country code of Peru?

The Peru country code is +51. It is used for calling to the Peru from other country. Below the data are arranged only for your reference. Also you may find other necessary information about others countries from the top right Search Box.

What is the area code of Peru?

The Peru area code is one kind of code that help you make international phone call to Peru. For making an international call to Peru, use the country code of Peru before the area code and the local number.

What is the dialing code of Peru?

The Peru dialing code is a code number which familiar with the name Peru international dialing code, telephone code, phone code, or calling code. Without the dialing code, nobody can't make a call from the other country to the Peru.

How to make an international call to Peru?

To make an international call to Peru, first dial the IDD, then country code, any area code, and the local number. The Peru international dial code is usually followed by the city or area code.
CityCountry CodesArea CodesDialing Codes
Arequipa+5154+51 54
Ayacucho+5164+51 64
Cajamarca+5144+51 44
Callao+5114+51 14
Chiclayo+5174+51 74
Chimbote+5144+51 44
Cuzco+5184+51 84
Huancavelica+516495+51 6495
Huancayo+5164+51 64
Ica+5134+51 34
Iquitos+5194 +51 94
Lima+511+51 1
Piura+5174+51 74
Tacna+5154+51 54
Trujillo+5144+51 44

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