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With a Search Engine Optimization that is well done, your blog will appear at the top in search results, allowing more visitors to view your content and make you money through conversions. There are various methods you can use to improve your blog rank, and here are the top seven.

Title and Meta tags

Title tags are important when it comes to on-site search engine optimization. Text appearing here gets indexed by search engines which compare information found here to information in other pages to determine relevance. Maximum character limits for the tags is 70. Meta tags allow search engines to categorize your website based on niche allowing your blog to be presented to the right audience.

Header tags

Header tags are used for headings. Placing your chosen keywords in these tags will also lead your page to get visits whenever visitors search based on the keywords.

Quality back links

These are also referred to as in links, incoming links, inbound links or inward links. The number of in links on a site is an indication of the importance or popularity of a website. They indicate that others are paying attention, and these in links increase the page rank of a website when they come from high ranking websites.

Organized web page linking

It is possible to lose ones page ranking due to poor organization when it comes to web page linking. Linking website in an orderly manner allows for easy search indexing by search engines and better rankings.

No misspelling

The opportunities that got presented to internet marketers when users misspell words on a search query are gone. Search engines now alert users when they misspell allowing the opportunity to correct their search, thereby never visiting pages with misspellings – now, spelling correctly as a great impact on the search results.

RSS feeds

RSS feeds increase content to your website, cut through the clutter of emails and get your content directly to users. It also allows your website to remain fresh and regularly updated, which is vital when it comes to page rankings. Making an RSS feed and submitting it to directories will effectively increase the website page rank.

Making use of social media

Social media is changing the way search engines and people look at content online. Social media platforms offer a lot of social credibility to information because of the uncanny need by people online to trust other user recommendations rather that formal user reviews. As a result, content generated on social platforms is highly regarded. Using social media provides the tools to your visitors to share recommend and like what your page offers. This allows for increased presence online and the current search criteria for search engines recognize that.

Speed of page upload

Google search engine understands that website visitors are not keen to wait for websites that take more that 15 second to load. To enhance user experience, these pages are ranked lower. Ensure your page loads within 4- 15 seconds. To check your website page loads you can use this free tool Website Speed Tester .

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