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Page Rank is an important fact to decide the place of your site on SERP. Actually it measures the value of your site content to Google. One of my previous posts addressed on some reasons may drop your google page rank. So I am not going to discuss it again.

What is Guest Posting?

Guest posting is considered as submission of your articles to another website with the purpose to publish it with a backlinks to original source or the author. You should submit original content to the publisher. Otherwise your articles will be ignored. Most of the webmasters allow placing a link to the original article source as a do-follow link. Do-follow links play a vital role as backlinks to your website since Google bots can come through those links to index your content.

How to select sites for guest posting?

Selection of a site for guest posting is vital to get high quality back links and reasonable traffic. High quality do follow backlinks will provide the foundation to develop a strong website. So selection of sites for guest posting is vital.

To get high quality do follow backlinks you should select a blog/ website which consists of following qualities.

1. Website should have a Google Page Rank

It is better to select a blog/ website with Google PR of Three (3) or higher. Then you get PR3 backlinks pointing towards your blog/ website.

2. Website should allow you to put minimum of Two Do-Follow backlinks

The place of the backlinks is not a big issue. Most webmasters ask you to put your links inside the “Authors Signature”at the bottom of the article. It is more than enough to get high quality backlinks. But make sure to get Do-Follow links. No-Follow links are not very helpful in Search engine ranking.

3. Website should have reasonable traffic or traffic rank

You should submit your guest posts on a website which has a considerable amount of traffic. If you don’t know the amount of traffic they get, you can get a rough idea by checking their Alexa Traffic Rank. At least it should be below 100,000.

4. Website content should be related to the topic you are guest posing on

This is a must. Your post content should be relevant to the content of guest posting site. As an example if you are writing on computer parts it is better to select a website/ blog consist of technology stuff rather than funny stuff.

How to write an effective Guest Post?

1. Write original content

The original content is the most important aspect of guest posting. Original content will add a value to your post. The copied content will not be published by most webmasters including me. Remember guest posting is a win-win process. So both parties should have an advantage.

2. Stick to the terms and conditions given by the website

Most websites provide an author’s agreement that you need you accept in order to submit your articles. You need to obey the conditions that they have given. As an example check the Author’s agreement that I use.

3. Don’t forget to add the Do-Follow backlinks inside Author’s signature section

This is what you want by making guest posts. So never ever forget to add your links with anchor texts inside the Author’s signature.

4. Use Keywords as Anchor texts

Find the anchor texts related to your niche and add them as your links inside the Authors signature box. This will help you to rank your keywords. You can select your keywords by using Google Keyword tool.

5. Stick to the style of writing on particular site

Always stick to the style of writing on the site you selected to make guest posts. Because the readers on that site likes to read the articles which consists of same style.

6. Always introduce yourself

It is very important to introduce your self to the community. Then they will remember you. So write at least 2-3 sentences about you too.

Well this is all about Guest posting that you must know. This is more than enough to get high quality do follow backlinks from a website with high Google PR. Stick to above tips. Article writing tricks are also very important in making an effective article to a guest site.

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