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One of my previous posts described Best article submissions process for top article directories. I think you have posted some articles for few directories now. Check this Top Free Article Submission Sites List if you still to post your articles. But sometimes you may not receive good traffic through that article or sometimes they may not approve your articles to their directories. Most possible reason for this is the poor quality of your article. But sometimes they will reject your article because you are not adhering to their guidelines. In this post I am going to show you few points you should concern while you are writing an article to an article directory.

1. Select a better title to your article

Your title should be short and descriptive. The article should be related to your blog content. Remove all unnecessary words from it. Add some key words to your title. Then once a reader searched for keywords, your article will appear at the top of the result page.

2. First paragraph of the article should be an abstract

Your first paragraph should summarize your whole article. It should clearly tell the reader what you are going to explain to them through this article. In this paragraph you should add your key words 2-3 times. Not more than that.

3. Body of the article

The body of the article should explain each and every point very clearly without any confusion. Some writers use “objectives” at the beginning and then they explain the content according to that structure.

4. Length of the article

Your article should not be too short or too long. Some people like to read short articles (Like me), some likes to read long articles. So we should satisfy both groups. So limit your article length in between 300-600 words in length (some people say 250-750).

5. Grammar

Please concern about your grammar. Humans are going to your articles. If they can’t understand your grammar they will not read it. If so what is the point of making a content rich article. My grammar is also not perfect. So check twice.

6. Don’t add so many back links to your blog

Add only one or two backlinks to your blog or website. It also should be add near the lower part of your article. Most people used to add their links on the top of the article. That is one of the commonest reasons to reject your article.

7. Make sure not to post copied content

If you post copied content, high chance to reject your article.

8. Break paragraphs

This improves readability of your article. Use bullets if you feel it required.

9. Make some curiosity at the end of the article

Reader should have to develop some curiosity in their mind to come to your blog and see what is going on. You should keep something to think at the end of the article. Then they will surly looked in to your blog

10. Allow others to share the article with a backlink to your blog

This is very important to get backlinks from recognized websites in order to improve your Google page rank.

These tips are more than enough to write a better article and get a good traffic from top article directories.

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