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Most of the newbies are asking me how I made backlinks for my blog. And some other people are asking me, how to SEO (Search engine optimization) their blogs with backlinks. At the same time they are asking me how I allocate time to do link building within my blog. So, I decided to add a new post on “Ongoing link building strategy”. First we should know why link building is so important. That is because you are looking for a good search engine ranking.

Your search engine ranking will be improved with the increased number of links you have. The other thing is that you can increase the number of direct visitors by building backlinks. These techniques have been proved as best methods to get a better page ranking in SEO for years.

Let me explain what I did so far to build my links;

To be frank, continuous and sustainable link building is quite challenging. It takes time and effort. But it is a must to do for SEO. Allocating time for link buildingis bit challenging for a part time blogger. But you must make a time table to allocate the time for link building. That’s why most of the experience bloggers say that the time management is very essential when blogging. Let  me move in to the real link building strategy I did to buildlinks to my blog;

1. Continuous commenting on other blogs

From the day I made my blog up to now I made comments on other blogs. It is a great chance to get high quality backlinks to a blog. It takes some time to make a good comment. But it is very effective way to make backlinks to a blog. I can highly recommend this link building method to anyone who is interested on blogging.

2. Regular guest posting on high PR blogs

One of my earlier posts discussed the importance of guest posting. So I am not going to make a discussion on guest posting. But I’ll give some short description here. By guest posting you will be able to make high quality backlinks to your site as you did in blog commenting. Make original articles, post them on other blogs and ask the owners of those sites to add two backlinks to your blog. It also time consuming, but a very effective method to get quality backlinks.

3. Article submission to top directories

The article submission in to top directories is still working for SEO. But with the time it is becoming less effective. But don’t worry, play your part correctly then the Google will do the rest for you.

4. Press release submission

Press release is a very good method to bring instant web traffic to your blog. You can make some announcement about your blog; video marketing or any other thing that you think it is special to the community.  I used this method to announce my special events. Recently I announced about my new e-book which is scheduled to be publishedon 12th Monday 2012.

5. Submission of my blog to blog directories

This is not a very good strategy to get direct traffic, but it is still a good method to get backlinks. Submit your blog into each and every directory you are coming across.

6. On going social media marketing

Social bookmarking is one of the easiest and best methods of making backlinks to your blog. It is a very effective method to drive direct visitors too.

At the end what I want to say is this is not a one time SEO strategy, this is a continuous or ongoing SEO strategy to bring your blog in to the first page of SERP. So if you want to enjoy better result, you should have sustained motivation to build links for your blog.

I explained the all the methods that I have done to build backlinks to my blog. So this is your turn to build links to your blog too. Hurry up.

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