Skills Required: Admin Support, Data Entry, Ms Excel

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Sample Job Description:

Data Scrapping, Web Scrapping - Photo Editing - Fast Turnaround!
We are looking for someone who can scrape websites quickly for a small fee or cheap low prices in return we will give you good feedback.

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I am willing to do this job.

I did such job crawling popular e-commerce shops sites for getting web pages and parsing their content into word, excel, access and text files.

I have a set of great tools, which can automatically scan pages, parse any content on a web page, clean up database.

I crawled sites with more 10 mln pages.

I am very good with Excel and can remove duplicates, processes addresses, split addresses on parts, prepare for printing, export into different format for accounting and sending systems, automate much of such work.

I am sure that I am not only can help you, but can change speed and amount of data, which you can process.

Waiting to hearing from you, sir.

Regards, Wei

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