Skills Required: Web, Mobile & Software Dev, Web Development, Php, Developer, Development.

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Sample Job Description:

I need someone that is capable to do a website comparable to
Front End & Back End
Focusing on only a few subjects instead of the 50 they offer. Website will need be functional. Can discuss more with signed NDA.
You will be asked to answer the following questions when applying:
What part of this project most appeals to you?
Do you have any questions about the job description?

Sample Cover Letter (Drag mouse from this point to bottom to Copy)

Dear Sir,

I like the idea you want to develop and need to notice that developing such site requires a great specialist.

This site does not require only software developer skills, but also system analytic, DB architect and project manager experience.

I am great as dedicated developer and as a team player.

For the last 5 years I successfully launched many projects for automobile, healthcare, insurance, games and banking fields which were integrated with online payment gateways, shipping services, real time order processing and reporting building systems.

I can develop any type of project from scratch, I great with DB modeling, project prototyping, project modeling, project planning and of course - programming.

I like that this project may involve all my skills and experience.

I would recommend to use PHP+MongoDB on LAMP hosting - licenses are free. It also gives you opportunity in future if you decide to extend the project easily scale it using shards technologies. CND can be utilized to improve performance in case if you want to use the same amount of video files available for public users.

The most important question: do you have any specific tech requirements which maybe beyond my expertize? All other  are clear enough to begin.

Anyway, if you hire me, then the first step will be to prepare a functional specification with project details, so we both have clear understanding what should be developed and how it will work and look like.

I would like to develop this project with my creative designer. You may see her works here:, but it if you already have creative it is fine too.

My rate for such type of work is 50$/hr. It cannot be negotiated, because I am confident in my experience and possibility to successfully complete this project.

If you wish, I can provide free a short version of functional specification for this project just in case to prove my expertise.

From March until June, I can spend 20hr/w and then 40hr/w.

Thank you for sharing such interesting project and opportunity to bid on it.

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