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We are running this job for the second time to find the right developer. So, if you have already sent an offer please resend.

We are seeking a professional software development company with experience and track record who is able to develop a software to be used as a very intelligent environmental monitoring and controlling system able to monitor KWh power consumption, cooling consumption, access control, control the precise speed of the fan that blows chilled air for maximum efficiency and reliability of a number of self-cooled air-tight server racks. The same system is to monitor and send report to the NOC on status of power, cooling, maintenance issues, door access, fire, etc....This is supposed to be a centralized application to direct, monitor, and control a number of server racks with modularity in mind.

Please quite your best offer, action plan and time line.

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Hello sir

I have 2 years experience in developing similar desktop application for Dothan Regional Airport in Dothan, USA. This system gets lot of metrics using low-level C++ library and saves into Oracle 11g DB.

I was a senior developer who coded critical algorithms on C++ and .Net that communicates with all airport systems like: cooling, fire, access, alarm, network and so on.

AMOMD is using to process and analyze OLAP data. Our system also integrates with internal SOP to inform all staff about any emergencies.

All information was securely available in the Internet via developed SOAP web service coded on C#.

Google Charts was used to visualize current state of the airport systems.

I am new on oDesk, and my rate is 80$/h, but I can provide rough mockups and diagrams of your system without any payments.

I will be available in a month 30h per week.

I like to develop such system and sure that my experience will help you too.

Regards, Robert Johnson

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