Skills Required: Web, Mobile & Software Dev, Scripts & Utilities, Php.

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Sample Job Description:

I run a house cleaning business and we use to get some of our clients. The way the site works is this: the customer submits a request for house cleaning at which point the nearby house cleaning companies receive a text message / email and can submit a quote to the customer.

What I need is a script that would automate the quoting process so that immediately after we receive a new customer request, we would be the first company to submit a quote.

The quotes are variable in pricing based on the size of the home, frequency of cleanings and any extra services that the customer requests. Also, we need each message that we send with the quote to be personalized to include the name of the client along with a summary of the services that they requested.

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I checked their web site, they provided quite good options to get all information which is required to accomplish this job.

I can write such script using PHP and host it on your or my hosting. It will automatically monitor new requests and immediately issue quotes.

Most of the parameters can be automated, except text message. So if user provide some variable in the text field (for example: special house conditions), then I cannot it use for pricing. But I can send such request direct to you for manual processing.

It is easy to personalize the message.

I would suggest to improve this script and send to you SMS if an order is for large property - because maybe in this case you want to process it manually with some specific discount.

It may take 5days to complete and test it. It will cost $600. I can develop a simple admin interface so you can easy manage some parameters without doing changes in PHP code - it will cost additional $300.

I am very friendly and responsive person. I did much scripts which connect to different systems: freelancers websites, payment gateways, shipping and processing systems.

Also I can adopt this script for other similar web sites which can bring to you more clients. Let me know if it interesting - I always available in Skype and open to discuss any opportunities.

I have a good internet connection, always online and can quickly answer the questions.

My time zone is UTC+2

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards, James Johnson

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