Skills Required: Customer Service, Other - Customer Service, Etiquette, Email Handling, Computer Competency.

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Sample Job Description:

Sending and responding to emails, answering questions and arranging appointments.

Not a full time position but maybe an hour a day. It will be on an ongoing basis if all goes well.

Sample Cover Letter (Drag mouse from this point to bottom to Copy)

Hello sir,

I am willing to accomplish this job.

I have good writing English, I know e-mail etiquette, I am always polite and accurate in details.

My previous job related to arrange meetings for a charity community: contact with people, writing e-mails, answering phone calls, meet with local authority.

I am very friendly and people notice that it is easy to communicate with me. I can easy understand the problem or situation I find or suggest a solution.

I am not a professional yet, but I am a quick leaner. This is why my rate is quite low - $5/hr.

Let me know sir, in what sphere your business works and what software do you use to manage appointments.

Base on my experience I can recommend free software Google Calendar and Trello.

I can work with no charge first week, so you have chance to evaluate my quality.

Thank you, sir!

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