Skills Required: Web, Mobile & Software Dev, Web & Mobile Design, Prestashop

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Sample Job Description:

I have a  website its a PRESTASHOP


with a theme  asylum responsive, but I have many  issues to redesigning the web.

I would like make a better designing, but when i try to make some change . I had lost the last changes, and I need to make a restore again.

please look my site and tell me what can you do to improve the current designing.

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I helped many clients to solve similar problems. You can try these your-self or hire me to investigate and help you:
- setup Clear Smarty module - which deletes cache files which in many cases causes this problem
- Preferences -> Performance -> Force compile on, cache off, after this you can delete compile files in tools/smarty

I found that some images on your web site are scaled improperly, this is because some CSS style are invalid in your slide player - I can fix this too.

I can fix these issues for $15 or just for a good feedback.

I am almost always online, so I can quickly answer your questions.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions related to Prestashop.

Have a good day sir!
Masum Billah.

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