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Preparation Courses for Students---
80% of the students who take our courses are mature students who have not done any formal study for several years. Many of the courses at the Westley Business School require a good knowledge of various skills. If you feel you need some extra preparation before your course, look below and see if any of our preparation courses suit your needs. All courses take place in August and for enrolled students, all the courses listed below are free.

Course 1                                 STATISTICS
A grounding in statistics is a must for any prospective business student. This is a one week course (Mon - Fri) consisting of 1 lecture every night. The tutor will ensure that by the end of the course, you will have had a thorough introduction to all the statistical skills that you will need to start your course at Westley Business School. Each lecture runs from 6pm to 9pm.

Course 2                                 ESSAY WRITING
This is a self-study pack containing guidance, practice and tests. At the end of the course (it should take about 10 hours of self-study) you will receive a 1 hour tutorial with the essay writing tutor who will go over your work with you.

Course 3                                 BASIC MATHS
This is a one-off lecture of 3 hours aimed at reviewing all the basic maths that you will vaguely remember from school! This course is run on a “first come, first served” basis and there are only 20 places (every Monday in August from 5.45pm - 8.45pm) so don’t be late.

Course 4                                COMPUTING
This 2-week course (Mon - Fri 6.30pm - 8.30pm) will give students all the basic computer skills that they will need for their courses at Westley Business School. There are 2 courses running concurrently with only 10 PLACES in each so book early!


Questions 21 - 25
Read the Information Notice concerning Preparation Courses for students at the Westley Business School.

Using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS, answer the following questions.
Write your answers in boxes 21-25 on your answer sheet.
21. Which course is mostly without a teacher?
22. On which course can you NOT pre-book a place?
23. How many hours does Course 1 take?
24. How many places are there every week for students who want to study computers?
25. Which course takes place only on one day in a specified week?

Questions 26 - 28
Do the following statements agree with the views of the writer of the Information Notice concerning Preparation Courses for students at the Westley Business School? In Boxes 26 - 28 write:

YES if the statement agrees with the writer
NO if the statement doesn’t agree with the writer
NOT GIVEN if it is impossible to say what the writer thinks about this

26. Students registered at Westley Business College don’t have to pay for the preparation course.
27. Most students at Westley Business School are older than the average student.
28. All courses are held in the Westley Business School main building.

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