Describe a book you have recently read.
You should say:
What the books is?
Who wrote the book?
What is the story of the book?
And explain if it is a good book or not.

Possible answer the above speaking cue card:

The book that I recently read is 'The Fortunate Pilgrim'. It is a novel by Mario Puzo which was first published in the year 1965. The writer Mario Puzo is well-known for his famous mafia book 'The Godfather' and was critically acclaimed for his book ’The Fortunate Pilgrim". The writer had adopted the story of this novel based on his mother's immigration struggling for respectability in the United States. Mario Puzo himself considered this novel to be his finest though Godfather earned him much more fame and earning.

The novel tells the story of an immigrant family living in New York city. The mother of the family, Lucia Santa is the protagonist. It is her formidable will that steers the family members through the Great Depression and early years of World War ||. The story, places and the characters became so real that the readers can't stop wondering about them. The writer has been brilliantly able to tell a known story in a known tone that makes us feel them in our lives and that's why the characters and stories got the power keep a reader awake whole night. Mario Puzo has shown literacy excellence in this story. 

I liked the book very much and finished it within 3 days. I have always been a great admirer of Puzo's writing and this one was a really different book than his famous mafia books. This is a book that touches the reader's mind. The story and the storytelling ability were so attractive that I had a very hard time putting the book down. Whenever I could I read the book and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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