Blog Commenting is one of the greatest way to get approved comments from high popular blog. But when the spammers started to rise, Popular blogs started to limit actions of those damn spammers. So they added highly protective methods to stop those spammers  and offer first place to real commentators. I wrote few articles related to Blog Comments and this article also going to be about Blog Commenting. If you’re love to be a REAL blog commentator then this one is for you. If you read other article "best blog commenting strategy for your success"  on this blog, then you already have an idea about being REAL Professional Blog Commentator.

approved comments

As I said earlier with the rise of Spammers big guys in the popular niches started to limit commenting to great extend. Some of them stopped posting any links on the comment. This excludes the link field on the comment form too. Some are stopped commenting with blog name and let commentators to use their membership account from those blogs. So actions of these Spammers lead to stop gaining commenting benefits from most of the top-notch blogs in all the niches. Now it’s hard to write real comment and get approved on these sites. But If you do commenting professionally and they don’t approve it, then it’s going to be your fault again. Learn the commenting system and comment really.

High popular authority blog

Oh! What are these kinds of blogs? Yeah these includes the big guys of any niche. Usually these high popular blogs receive over 100K visits everyday. So everyone wants to be part of their community by using blog comments. But they restrict it much because of these Spammers. You know now one point is clear. Real Commentators face difficulty in blog commenting because of spammers actions. Search engines offer more value to blogs which have highly valuable content. This fact you already know well. Search Engines give value to these blogs it’s the authority value. Search Engines first serve these blogs when indexing, since these are the big ones in a particular niche. I will tell you more about Authority in later posts.

Uses of high popular authority blog

Everyone likes to deal with these blogs since they are pioneers in their niches. In real world business, small businesses like to have deals with multi-million-dollar businesses. So it’s same in the Online Business too. You can get little amount of their traffic too. You know what I mean by little here. Their little means big to you. Because they have over 100k readers per day also. So their little is always big to you until you also become that kind of blogger. Previously I talked about Authority blogs in little. I think that tiny description is worth and enough to identify one use of Authority Blog.

Search Engines serves well for authority blog. So if you have links from those blogs, definitely you’ll boost your rankings smartly. Because link juice and other signals easily comes from those blogs. That’s why authority blogs are important. The common use of every blog is to get knowledge on that particular niche. But that common knowledge is little when looking in the corner of high popular authority blogs. They have rocking reader base, So will they work to lose those readers? No!!!!!! They always update great posts than other common blogs. So make it a habit of reading those blogs often. It’s one way to get post ideas for your blog.

Where’s the tips?

Here they are!. Now I’m going to place the tips on Comment Approving. Make sure you do a real task of a commentator. Do Not Be A Spammer. It’s a trouble to all bloggers sometimes.

1. Use the name field of the comment form wisely.

Yea! you know what, Name field is there for YOUR name. In every comment form required fields are Name and Email. So what’s the use of this name field? Name field is there to identify your name not your blog name. Many people trying to use their blog name instead of their name. but they failed in most instances having their comment removed.

Do you want to waste your time? I think you don’t. So every time there’s a Name Field in comment form, Use your REAL name. Now you may say some blogs approved your comment even the name field filled with your blog name. Yes it can happen. Because the name field is not the ONLY one to measure your comment validity.  You may commented like that and get approved by little blogs but you don’t with top-notch big guys. Anyhow I recommend using your Real Name for the name field of the comment form.

The answers

Now you will have a problem. If I use my real name in the name field, how I get a Backlink for my blog?. You get your link same as before If your comment approved. But the anchor text is not your Primary keyword or blog name. So it’s not going to be valuable very much. but in other hand that is valuable too. To supply answer for this problem plugins came to the game. Bloggers argued why real commentators get nothing for their comment.

So, bloggers designed plugins to make comment Real while returning a payment for the commentator. That payment is the Backlink with commentator’s Keyword and the plugins are KeywordLuv and Comment Luv.  There may be more plugins out there, but the most popular ones are these two. KeywordLuv – This one is a good plugin for WordPress and you can get links to your Keyword while showing a real comment. All you have to do is find blogs using KeywordLuv plugin. Then use this format to fill the name field. example: Augosto @Real Time Strategy. See below picture to find how it look likes. This is the common structure. YourName@YourKeywords. Use smarter than others!.

Image of Blog Commenting 02

CommentLuv – This plugin offers to commentator to choose one of his latest post to be appeared below the comment. See below picture to get a clear idea.

Image of Blog Commenting 03

2. Comment link field optimization?

You can optimize link field of the comment form when writing the comment. You can fill that space using inner page link of your blog, But is it gives you a Real look? I can’t say exactly No!. But it erase some professional look. You can use your homepage link. But linking only to homepage is not very good. So there’s a plugin I gave to you in above point. It’s CommentLuv. If you use blogs which use CommentLuv you can get one link to your Home and other to one of your Post page.

3. Make it rocks when in the comment body.

This is the most important part of a comment. Simply that is the Comment!
  1. Write your honest idea about the post.
  2. Write missed points in that post.
  3. Write How you find that blog, If you’re a first time visitor or first time Commentators.

4. Did you read it?

I really want to ask this question from you. Most beginner ones try to comment without reading the blog post a bit. So they ended up in Spam box. How can they write a Real comment without reading a single bit? They write something going around with the post, but they fail in most cases. There’s another type of commentators, they read only headlines or two, three paragraphs only. but they read the post a little. They also failed like other group.

In 2011 I also read only few paragraphs of the post and read some headlines and wrote comments. But most of them didn’t approve. That’s one of my mistakes when comes to commenting things. So just read the post once or twice. Then write your comment.

5. Is that your behavior nice looking?

You need to care about your behavior. That means you need to care since the second you load the page. If you skip the post just after loading the page by scrolling down to comment form, your comment will not be approve. Because it’s tracked in the security system and adds score to spam bar. So nothing to do If you’re a Real Commentator who has bad behaviors. So don’t scroll quick page just read word by word and come to the comment form slowly. If you quickly scroll down it’s a point of fail.

6. The commenting rhythm.

If you comment 2 or 3 times per day at the same time, it’s a big problem then. Because security system can track those bad behaviors smarter than you. So don’t comment more than 1 per day. It’s a good practice!.

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