Skills Required: Design & Creative, Other - Design & Creative, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign.

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Sample Job Description:

My name is Chris from  I am looking for a web designer to help me re-design my blog into a clean and professional looking news blog.

My blog is primarily an entertainment blog.

Coming from the Philippines myself, I thought it would be best to work with someone from there so I can communicate my requirements better.

I would like to see if you can help me re-design my blog and obtain a guess-timate on how much it would cost.  I also need to organize the categories and it requires clean up.  I also want to maximize it for Google Adsense.

The requirement is simple.  I would like to turn my blog back to an entertainment magazine

Would you be able to give me a quote and present me with suggestions?  My blog is hosted on

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Hello Chris

Unfortunately, I am not from the Philippines, but I definitely understand what you need.

I am not only designer, but also, in my previous place of work, I was involved into kick off meeting with clients to clarify their needs and create not only great looking site, but make it useful and attractive for visitors.

I understand your needs to monetize the blog and learnt much about how, where and what type of ads must be located.

News blogs are very popular and there are many different approaches how to do your new web site.

First, at all I would recommend changing CMS from Blogger on Wordpress. It is also free, but gives you more opportunities to present the content to visitors and display ad in more clickable places.

In addition, which is also important - wordpress gives you more possibility to promote your site using SEO techniques.

So, I can:
- create appealing new creative
- reorganize site structure to make it more logical and easy to use
- help to move content from Blogger to wordpress
- give advice about using / placing Ads
- give advice for SEO

I am friendly, open-minded and very good at communications.

The cost to prepare and create new creative is $350. I am not afraid of do changes during preparing creative, so you will feel very comfortable working with me.

I can start this job next week.

Sincere, Ahmadi

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